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Eaves combs and ventilation strips contribute substantially to a secure and durable roof system. Without reducing the roof’s ventilated area, they offer lasting and reliable protection against rodents, vermin and smaller birds intruding into the roof space. Monier offers three reliable solutions in this field. An eaves comb to protect eaves, valleys and verges, an eaves element consisting of a ventilating element and eaves comb and a ventilation strip for closing-off ventilated sections.



  • Protection against animals
  • Ventilation element


Roof System

Our engineers at Monier Technical Centre have developed the CoolRoof system together with the Monier business units located in hot climates. Local building traditions and roofing materials mean the indoor temperatures of houses in hot climate areas become almost unbearable and lead to high energy costs in order to cool down the interior.

The CoolRoof system is composed of:

  • a batten and counter batten roof structure,
  • a heat reflecting underlay, a so called radiant barrier,
  • ventilation products for eaves, ridge, hip and batten space ventilation, i.e. Metalroll, Compactroll and eave filler comb.

Together with reflective tile surfaces, the system is able to create a natural ventilation stream removing the hot air trapped under the roof. The result is a cooler home at a lower cost.




Position Eaves Filler Comb on top of fascia board and simply nail through into the top of the fascia board, along the whole length of the eaves, with the comb facing outwards.


Screw the bird stop on top of the fascia board.



Screw the bird stop on the eave batten.


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